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Can I Drive My Car Or Should It Be Towed To An Auto Body Shop In Bellevue, Nebraska?

For many people, the first 5 minutes after an accident can be very hectic.  People try to quickly asses the damage to their vehicle and then react.  It's great to remember that the first thing to assess is your own health and safety at the accident.  

Once you're able to safetly get out of the vehicle, making the decision to drive it or tow it can be very confusing.  Here are a few tips to help you decide whether to drive it or tow it to an auto body shop in Bellevue Nebraska.

  1. Is there anything leaking?
  2. Is there anything rubbing or dragging?
  3. Is there any broken glass?  Are headlights and taillights operational?

If any of these are not working properly, then towing your vehicle to an auto body repair shop in Bellevue Nebraska will be your best answer.    In most cases, the insurance company will pay for the tow.

No matter the issues, we want to remind you to be safe during this hectic time.  Offutt Collision Repair...auto body shop Bellevue Nebraska