Hours Of Operation:
M-F 7:30am - 5:00pm
Our Location:
10106 South 15th Street (Corner of 15th & Cornhusker) Bellevue, Nebraska 68123

Offutt Collision Repair is proud to serve our community for 50 Years!

Offutt Collision Repair is proud to serve our community for 50 Years!

50 years ago the Dodge Charger came out with a muscle car men craved, the Toyota Corolla inspired excitement with its subcompact design, the Volvo rolled out a boxy automobile with campaign adds saying, Be Safe Instead of Sexy. As time has passed, these cars have seen changes over the years from safety features such as seat belts, air bags, to antilock brakes. Toadded luxuries such as air conditioning, cruise control, blue tooth and Wi-Fi.

This year Offutt Collision Repair celebrates being in the Bellevue Community for 50 years. And just as many cars created in 1966 have morphed and changed with modern times, so has Offutt Collision Repair. In 1966, George Rybar, Senior, opened up Offutt Auto Body and a 24 hour towing Company. He was scared as he opened his doors, and like many fathers, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to feed his family. But as time went on, Senior created an auto body shop that provided well for his family of 7, and quickly became well known throughout the community, proudly serving not only those who were born and raised here, but those who serve our country and were stationed at Offutt AFB.The first car he worked on was a 1948 Chevy Pickup truck, green with front end damage. He chuckles, “back then the repairs were a pain in the butt! Now a day’s repairs are easy!” Two years after opening his shop, he was even able to rebuild and continue his family business despite the fact a twister ripped the body shop apart, leaving the roof on the other side of Hwy 75. Although, retired, you can still find Senior and his dog Bullet outside waiting in his truck to run and pick up any needed parts for the business he loved and created.

In 1987, Senior’s son, George Rybar, Junior purchased the family business. “Patience wasn’t ever my strong suit,” Junior said. Over the years, Junior noticed having a single technician working on one vehicle from start to finish proved to be inefficient and costly. He knew he wanted to make some changes, and at times felt he moved to fast. With much research, his dream was to create a state of the art auto body shop which moves cars through a very well thought out plan. He moved forward with his dream when he opened up his new collision center on 15th and Cornhusker. He is now recognized across the country by other body shops who are looking to rebuild and learn how his is run. Offutt Collision Repair’s innovative plan from the damage analysis to final clean up helps the families we serve get their vehicles quickly and safely back on the road in less than the market average. We invite you to visit our website at www.offuttcollisionrepair.com to learn more about our process.

Proudly, George, Junior continues to serve our community and gladly supports our military families. He is ready to retire and has begun the process of selling his business to Chad Kunkel. Chad has been with Offutt Collision Repair for 23 years. He is excited to take over the company he has proudly worked for and knows that participating in the Bellevue and Offutt AFB community is a big reason why Offutt Collision Repair has become so successful. From its roots, Senior volunteered on the fire department, many times leaving the warmth of his home at night to help save families. George Rybar, Junior has provided for many organizations and has sat on many boards during his career, being honored with many awards and even inducted into the Bellevue Hall of Fame for his love of the Bellevue Community. Chad knows he will need to continue to be part of our growing community, a community that has trusted Offutt Collision Repair for over 50 Years.