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Holy Hail Batman

Many of our families have friends all across America. And many of you have witnessed tweets or Facebook posts relating to hail! Holy Hail Batman…you may have thought as you saw pictures of your friend in Texas’s back yard covered in large balls of hail. Their next post you see is of their car, a car that looked as if a bat was taken to it! Your heart skips a beat because maybe just maybe you just purchased a brand new car! And our local media is letting us know our community will possibly be receiving golf ball size hail. Maybe you quickly clear your latest project in your garage out and pull your car in. The storm has passed and many of you sigh with relief that the news report of possible golf ball size hail was nothing but thick cold rain drops. But some of you weren’t so lucky!

But it is storm season, and hail will be upon us at some point. So, Offutt Collision Repair wants to make sure you have the knowledge necessary to overcome any damage your car may receive! And the most cost effective remedy is Paintless Dent Repair. What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a technique invented by Oskar Flaig. He was a worker at Mercedes and was in charge of the paintwork and dents that happened during the International Motor Sports Show in New York City in February 1960. In a fluke, Flaig used the end of a hammer to push out a dent, in hopes of not having to use as much filler. To his surprise, the dent popped out, and the paint was unblemished.

Now Paintless Dent Repair has come a long way. Many shops utilize metal rods and body picks of a variety of sizes. They are able to slide behind the body panels of cars and begin tapping out each dent. You must make sure you have an experienced technician because those who are not experienced may end up pushing too hard and the paint will crack! This will then result in further damage.

During the hail season, many Paintless Dent Repair companies have traveling semis that set up shop outside local businesses. This is very convenient for you. But if something goes wrong with the repair later on down the road, you may not be able to find the Company again. Offutt Collision Repair has one on staff that can help with those needs! Please feel free to call Offutt Collision Repair in Bellevue NE for a free estimate! For more information about Offutt Collision Repair visit us online at www.OCRinc.com