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Accidents, They Happen!

Accidents, they happen! And they are never easy! And always unexpected. You are on your way to drop your children off at school before you head to work. You are following the rules and sitting at the red light, waiting for it to turn green! Your mind is thinking about all the tasks you have to do at work. You are still waiting for the light to turn green. Then it finally does. You have the right of way and you drive forward, but someone is in a rush and they try to make the turn…and they turn into you. You hear tires screeching, and the metal, you can hear it bending, the glass of your windshield shatters. And you think of your children. It happened so fast, but seemed like an eternity.

Accidents, they happen! And many of us do not know what to do. Offutt Collision Repair would like to give you pointers so if this does happen one day to you, or to your children, you will know how to handle the situation. First you must take a deep breath…and check for injuries.

If you or your passengers have injuries, do not try to move them. If anyone one in the vehicle has major injuries call 911 right away.

We are going to move forward in this article as if everyone is safe. If your car is able to be moved out of the line of traffic, move your car to the side of the road. Make sure to turn your flashers on. Again, take a deep breath! Now, go ahead and call the Police. Try and remain calm. Do not admit fault with the other driver. Meaning, don’t say, “I was thinking about all the work I had to do today, and I did not see you run the red light I’m sorry!” This is very important to tell your young teenage drivers. Not always are the teenagers at fault. Ask the other driver for their insurance information and offer yours. Take a moment and not only write their information down, but also quickly jot down what you remember happening so you may discuss this with the police when they arrive. Pictures are worth a thousand words. And now a days many of us have cell phones that can take pictures. Go ahead and begin taking pictures of the damage, not only of your car, but the car who hit you!

Call your insurance agent and let them know which body shop you would like to work with! And then call your local body shop. Offutt Collision Repair understands how emotionally draining this can be on you and your family. We will help you get back on the road again quickly and safely. We will also help you set up a rental car if needed. Please feel free to call Offutt Collision Repair for a free estimate or stop by our body shop 10106 South 15th Street Bellevue NE 68123 at 402-291-5599. For more information about OCR visit our website at www.OCRinc.com