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Offutt Collision Repair - Auto Body Repair Process / Shop Tour

At Offutt Collision Repair, formerly Offutt Auto Body Repair, our cutting-edge repair process is designed to quickly get your car in, out and safely back on the road!  Uniquely developed at Offutt Collision, this step-by-step system is highly efficient and professional, making us the preferred auto body shop in Bellevue and Papillion, Nebraska.


Through the years, dedicated stall repair (a single technician working on one vehicle from start to finish) has proven to be inefficient and costly. At Offutt Collision Repair each vehicle goes through ten custom repair stages operated by teams of technicians, maximizing work quality while minimizing vehicle down time. This system keeps OCR’s turnaround times currently half or less than the market average



Step 1:  Auto Body Estimate

In the Auto Body Estimate Process, one of the Offutt Collision Center Estimators inspects the vehicle with the customer to find all damage that occurred during the accident. The information is then entered in the computer estimate program to determine the cost of the repair and the amount of time that will be needed for the repairs. While the Estimators are very thorough, there is often hidden damage that cannot be seen during this process. It is during this step that customers are able to schedule a time to bring their vehicles back for repairs.

Step 2:  Order Parts

After the repair date has been set, Offutt Collision Repair’s Parts Manager orders all needed parts prior to the vehicle drop off date. This helps ensure parts are on site when the vehicle is dropped off for repairs.

Step 3:  Vehicle Drop Off

On the day scheduled to drop off a vehicle, customers are asked to arrive at Offutt Collision Repair between 7:30-9:00am. Car rentals can be set up prior to drop off through Offutt Collision or the insurance companies, so that they are waiting at OCR when customers arrive.

Step 4:  Disassembly

In the Disassembly Stage, all vehicles are torn down and blueprinted for necessary repairs. It is during this stage that hidden damage is often discovered. Many times this will require supplements sent to the auto insurance companies and additional parts being ordered.

Step 5:  Auto Body Repair

In the Auto Body Repair Stage, technicians remanufacture the vehicle to restore it to its pre-accident condition. Unlike most shops, Offutt Collision Repair’s technicians can perform welds that replicate those performed at the factory.

Step 6:  Paint Prep

In the Paint Prep Stage, technicians prepare the vehicle for the paint booths by masking and sanding the vehicle. This process helps the paint stick while preventing over-spray.

Step 7:  Paint

During the Painting Stage, all vehicles are primed and sealed to assure good adhesion when the final top color and clear coats are applied.  Drying time is much quicker than in the past, and usually can be completed within 2 hours.

Step 8:  Buffing

During the Buffing Stage, all vehicles are buffed to remove dust and other particles from the paint. This process also helps to restore the vehicle’s original shine.

Step 9:  Reassembly

Final moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle during this stage.

Step 10:  Clean Up

Customers are always surprised to find that the inside of the vehicles are also good as new. Offutt Collision Repair’s clean-up crew goes the extra mile to make sure the vehicles look like new inside and out.

You can trust Offutt Collision Repair Bellevue Papillion, Nebraska to get your vehicle back on the road today!  Read what customers are saying.